Having trouble getting your products in front of the right people? PR is a constant challenge due to the ever changing landscape of print, online, influences, social media, etc... Let our experience and personal connections help to demystify the process and make sure your products get the coverage they deserve.


Website Design and Review

Website looking a little dated? Worried about high bounce rate or lack of time spent on your site by consumers? At BGP, we can help modernize your website either through modifications to your current website or through a complete redesign using technology like Squarespace to give you a modern, responsive site, that is easy to manage and update by anyone in your company.



Whether it is a newsletter, product info sheet, press release, or simply website copy, we have you covered. The combination of multiple degrees in English and years of marketing experience help us provide you the best copy possible as quickly as possible.


Brand Consulting

We understand how important your brand identity is to you. We also understand that sometimes a dated look can have an impact on your bottom line. Our goal is to help you make any changes to your brand that are necessary without sacrificing your look, history, or customer loyalty. Whether this is a logo refresh or a complete re-design, we can help you ensure success.

Product Development

With years of product development experience, the team at BGP is here to help refine existing products or bring new products to market. We can assist with design, product testing (including getting your product in the hands of professionals to test), refinement, and bringing the product to market. With connections to everyone from suppliers to distributors, we are here to help through the entire process.

Sponsorship Management

Sometimes getting your product in the hand of the right professional can return its weight in marketing gold. With years of experience starting and maintaining sponsorships from the grassroots level through the pro peloton, we can make sure you maximize your activation and ROI. We are here to make sponsorship work for you.


Social Media

BGP is here support all of your social media needs. From content creation and scheduling to calendar management and social media advertising, we have you covered. Whether you have an existing following and you are just looking for community management, or you have no social presence and want to take advantage of it, we can make your social media channels professional and effective.

Email Marketing

One of the most cost effective ways to drive sales is through email marketing. A weekly email blast with carefully curated information and promotions has the ability to drive sales and increase customer engagement. At BGP Marketing, we have a history of creating successful campaigns and can leverage your contact list to convert sales.

Global Marketing Strategies

We specialize in creating cohesive, global marketing strategies. It is important to understand having a unified marketing message, while allowing for local nuances to create effective marketing. We can help you understand what works in each country, while maintaining a unified message that makes your brand recognizable anywhere in the world.

Trade Show Organization

With experience organization every aspect of trade shows including Interbike, Eurobike, Taipei Bike Show, Outdoor Demo, the Sea Otter Classic, PressCamp, and others, BGP Marketing is uniquely suited to help your company put on the best trade show possible. From handling every aspect of your biggest show of the year to providing staffing or booth consultation for any event, we have you covered.


Data Analysis

Analytics rule the world. Sure, it is great to have a million followers, but are they engaged? When are they engaging with you and what content is working? You need to answer these questions to be effective in any type of marketing. We have the skills and knowledge to translate all of the data from website, social media, and advertising analytics to help steer your marketing and ensure a maximum ROI. Use the data you already to have be more effective and increase sales.

Print and Online Advertising

In the ever-changing landscape of print media, it is key to know what works and what doesn't. We have the experience to guide you towards the advertising that gets you the best ROI. We will examine you company and your goals to determine the right advertising strategy. Whether this means print ads, online ads, ad re-targeting, sponsored video creation, or something else, we will find a way to maximize your budget and exposure.